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Logging In

To login to FoundationFootprint™ go to

Alternatively, to login directly to FoundationConnect™ go to 

In the Email box, enter your username which is usually your email address.

In the Password box, enter your password.

Click the Login button

Forgotten your password? If you have forgotten your password then enter your username in the Email box and click "Forgot your password?", as displayed above. You will then be directed to the page displayed below, re-enter the username/email address you use to login to FoundationFootprint™ and a password reminder will be sent to this address.

Remember Login

Checking the "Remember Login" check box will keep you signed in to FoundationFootprint™ for 12 hours.

It does not mean it will remember your login details the next time you visit FoundationFootprint™.

If you click the Log Out button whilst logged in to FoundationFootprint™ then this feature is reset and you will not be automatically logged in if you return to the login page again.

User Inactivity

If a user has been inactive in FoundationFootprint™ for over four hours they are automatically logged out. Does this not apply if the user is using the "Remember Login" feature.
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