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Company Reports and Surveys

BraveGen CSR Company Reports provide an online tool for building and publishing your company reports and providing a place to collect and manage the resources, articles, media and public comments that make up your reports. Company report types include:

  • GHG Inventory reports (compliant with GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO 14064:1)
  • Sustainability reports (compliant with GRI G4)
  • Corporate Community Investment (CCI) reports (compliant with the London Benchmarking Group)
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reports
  • Your own design to ensure consistent reporting from your subsidiaries
BraveGen CSR Surveys provide an online survey management system to provide structured and consistent feedback from your various stakeholders. Results can be benchmarked and scoreboards provide easy and effective analysis of participant data. Surveys can be used for a variety of purposes including:
  • gathering data on the carbon and sustainability commitments of your suppliers
  • gathering staff commuting data for the calculation of GHG emissions from staff commuting
  • monitoring the progress towards targets and the engagement levels of your subsidiaries and / or facilities
  • inviting the feedback of your customers on your products, services, beand or strategy
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