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Data File Uploads

In data sources, data files sourced either internally or from suppliers can be uploaded using transactional row-by-row, monthly data by column and Invoice formats.

Data file uploads are usually performed in conjunction with the system's data collection task functionality which is used for the periodic collection and review of data. Uploads are actioned by system users performing Data Source Owner (DSO) or Data Submitter (DS) roles as specified in the relevant data collection task. Data collection tasks are usually setup by the Data Overseer (DO), the person who oversees the task and reviews uploaded data.

The upload functionality enables the DSO or DS to extract data from a file, validate it in the system and then save it to quarantine where it will be temporarily held pending DO review and approval. Once data has been approved by the DO it flows into the BraveGen CSR activity data logs.

The data file upload functionality is easy and quick to use. It also gives users the option of testing whether an upload file will be accepted by the system i.e whether the file format & content location in the file accords with the data file configuration and/or look-up list created for it in data sources. 

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