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The FoundationFootprint™ Setup Guide (Professional Edition)

When you create your organisation in FoundationFootprint™ you need to go through a series of steps to set yourself up. This guide explains what’s required at each step and gives you a list of things you can collect up before you start to save time once you get going.

We’ll help you understand which information to input into FoundationFootprint™ so that you can start up where you left off with your previous system. We suggest that you take the time to complete the recommended steps to save coming back to fix things later. This is especially the case if you’re coming from an existing system because your reports in FoundationFootprint™ might not be right if you don’t carry across the correct data. 

If you are unsure about what data to put into FoundationFootprint™ or where to get it from, please ask your carbon footprint or sustainability adviser. This is likely to be the person who signed you up to use FoundationFootprint™. However, if you don’t have an adviser please contact us for a list of advisers who are trained and ready to help you use FoundationFootprint™.

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