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System Requirements

BraveGen CSR is not 'software' that you need to install - it runs on the browser that you normally use to access pages on the World Wide Web via the Internet. To get the best from BraveGen CSR we recommend you use one of the following browsers and plug-ins (free to download and install). You will be prompted to download and/or set up these things when you first use BraveGen CSR.

You can log in and use BraveGen CSR without some of these things but you will not be able to take advantage of all the graphic and interactive features. Once you have these programs or settings organised for your computer, you will not need to do any of this again to use BraveGen CSR.

What do I need to use BraveGen CSR?

BraveGen CSR works on both PCs and Macs with the relevant browser.

Current popular browsers

BraveGen CSR works best in one of the following browsers. We endeavour to test all browsers but we test mainly in the most popular browsers of our users. Whilst we test mainly in the browser versions mentioned, using a more recent version won't affect your data but some screens may have minor display variations:

Internet Explorer (IE) 7+ 8 (PCs only)

Our Quality Assurance team test fully on the most commonly used version of this browser, IE7.

Go to Microsoft > Downloads & Trials > Download Center to download IE8
We support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 in IE 7 compatibility mode only.

In order to enable and turn on Compatibility View mode for all web pages and websites, click on Tools menu, and select Compatibility View Settings. In the “Compatibility View Settings” dialog, tick the check box for Display all websites in Compatibility View option. Click the Close button when done.

Mozilla Firefox 3 + 3.5 (PC and Mac)

Our Quality Assurance team test fully on the most commonly used versions of this browser, FF3 and FF3.5.

Go to Mozilla > Products to download Firefox 3.5

Please note that Mozilla no longer offers early versions to download by default, only the latest version. If you're currently using an earlier version of Firefox, it's up to you whether or not you upgrade, however if you don't have Firefox at all you'll need to download and install the latest version.

Safari 3.1 (PC and Mac)

Our Quality Assurance team test fully on the most commonly used version of this browser, Safari version 3.1.

Go to Apple > Downloads to download the latest version of Safari.

Google Chrome

BraveGen CSR is not officially tested in Google Chrome although it should display correctly.


BraveGen CSR does not officially support Opera.

Other browsers

All beta versions of software are officially unsupported and are to be used at the users own risk.

BraveGen CSR still functions correctly in these older browsers as well, but as demand and use drop off they will no longer be subjected to our full quality control process. With the following older browsers you can still use BraveGen CSR but you may notice speed or visual issues depending on the number of transactions or accounts you have. Current versions of these browsers also offer much tighter security and privacy.

  • IE 6
  • FireFox 2
Microsoft Excel Some of the reports in BraveGen CSR can be exported to Excel. To ensure the reports display correctly, you should ensure you use any of the following versions of Microsoft Excel:
  • Excel XP, 2003 and 2007 for Windows
  • Excel 2004 or 2008 for Mac OS X

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