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Importing and Exporting in BraveGen CSR

Various items can be imported into or exported out of BraveGen CSR. Depending on what you're importing or exporting you can do this either initially during setup on the system or at any time when using BraveGen CSR.

The export of data and report content via Excel or CSV is available on most pages in BraveGen CSR. Depending on your requirements, importing information (often from Excel) can be performed using data sources or the Data Template Manager. data sources has specialised functionality including flexible data file configuration options, secure direct supplier uploads, automated task management and data review tools. It is typically used to import large volumes of activity data sourced internally or externally on a reoccuring basis. The Data Template Manager involves the export of a template containing existing activity data, location, inventory, emission factor details which can then be updated or added to and imported back into the system.

Importing and exporting is available depending on your assigned user role(s) which determine the areas of BraveGen CSR that you have access to.

Currently, information that can be imported or exported are:

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