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The Miscellaneous Section covers a number of topics about features and principles used in BraveGen CSR. They include:

Emission Scopes

Choosing the correct emission scope for your emission sources is critical. [ More... ]

Emission Factor Groups

Emission factors in BraveGen CSR are stored under emission groups. [ More... ]


Setup tracking classifications to facilitate reporting per your conventions [ More... ]

Tiers of Emission Factors and Activity Data

Following the 2006 IPCC guidelines, BraveGen CSR includes the ability to specify a "tier" to rate the reliability and methodological complexity of emission factors and activity data. [ More... ]


Many resources include other factors to be considered when calculating the emissions embodied in them. For example, the calorific value of certain types of coal or the average nitrogen load in a cubic metre of wastewater. [ More... ]

The Grid

Throughout BraveGen CSR extensive use is made of "The Grid". It provides a common user friendly interface for sorting, grouping, filtering and exporting information in the different parts of the system. [ More... ]

Naming Conventions

Ensure newly created locations and inventory are named according to your naming conventions [ More... ]

Tolerance Thresholds

When entering new data ensure it is within defined tolerance thresholds [ More... ]
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