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Some resources (called inventory items in BraveGen CSR) include 'other properties' to be considered when calculating the emissions embodied in them over and above the emission factor being applied. For example, the calorific value of certain types of coal or the average nitrogen load in a cubic metre of wastewater will vary overtime.

In addition, some clients choose to normalise inventory item activity data for reporting purposes e.g. the unit of meansure for activity data entered into the system for a range of similiar inventory items may be kWh's and litres but for reporting purposes the activity data is shown as GJ's.

Multipliers can be set for individual inventory items in the Inventory Edit page.

For resources with 'other properties', the multiplier is applied to the quantity of the resource ( e.g. tonnes of coals, m3 of wastewater) before the emission factor is applied.


E.g. 98,786 t Lignite X 0.0153 ( Calorific Value (TJ/t) ) X 94.79 (Emission Factor of combusted Lignite) 

( Note: formula assumes emission factor is CO2e )

In some cases the value of a multiplier can change over time such as with the nitrogen load in wastewater. BraveGen CSR allows you to enter the name and default value of a multiplier. When adding activity data, BraveGen CSR adds the multiplier automatically but allows the user to override the value if required. The multiplier value is stored along with the activity data to ensure a correct multiplier value for the time period.

Note: Always ensure the multiplier value is correct for the unit of measure of the inventory item. E.g. tonnes or m3  instead of KGs or litres.

The multiplier may not be available if the inventory item participates in certain legislative compliance modules that also require a multiplier(s) value. In those cases the compliance module overrides the default multiplier features.

Where multipliers are applied to normalise reported data, the option to show normalised or not normalised data is provided in BraveGen CSR.

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