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The Grid

The Grid is widely used throughout BraveGen CSR to provide generic user-friendly features for the consistent presentation of information relating to your organisation's facitilities and inventory as well as viewing and editing tools.

The Grid presents information in a standardised framework of columns and rows with appropriate headings and summary bars as applicable. The Grid provides a suite of generic tools for users such as sorting, filtering, grouping, editing and exporting which are particularly useful for the efficient management of large volumes of information across multiple facilities and inventory items.

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Quick Tours of the Grid

Grid Tour One

1) The 'Column Heading Bar' provides a description of column contents and the column headings may be used to sort column contents in ascending or descending order. 2) The edit buttons enable users to edit the contents of a selected grid row. 3) The download button enables users to export the contents of a grid to Excel. 4) The 'Summary Bar' provides column totals where applicable and also specifies the number of months for which the item has been active. 5) The 'Navigation Bar' at the base of the grid provides navigational tools and information in the situation where the number of grid rows exceeds the available viewing space on the first page.

Grid Tour Two 1) The 'Group Bar' enables users to group information within the grid. 2) The 'Column Headings Bar' provides both column descriptions and the ability to sort column contents in ascending or descending order. 3) The 'Filter Bar' enables users to filter grid contents.

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