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Ad Hoc Reports and Dashboards

BraveGen CSR includes a complete Business Intelligence platform. From data to dashboards, BraveGen CSR delivers an amazing collaborative BI experience.

Everybody claims ease of use, but BraveGen CSR actually defines the standard for everyone else. Our interface is more than beautiful. You’ll find the most advanced BI features, in the most logical places, all with point and click simplicity. You don’t have to learn a single line of technical jargon.

Interactive dashboards let you filter, drill through hierarchies, drill to detail, and analyze all in the browser. You can go from data to dashboards in just hours; not days or weeks.

Data analysis is available through smart phones. Real-time alerts let you know the moment something critical happens in your business. With 44 chart types to choose from, BraveGen CSR lets you pick and change visualisations effortlessly so you can spot outliers and trends with ease.

Combine your BI with fully-integrated GIS mapping capabilities to visualize your spatial and BI data simultaneously.

The BraveGen CSR business intelligence system connects your data, people, and your organization to help everyone make better business decisions. The software facilitates discussions and makes your BI content incredibly easy to share. Embed your intelligence into wikis and company intranets and extranets for everyone to use and access.

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