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The Project Tracker

Companies have often identified and commited to a number of goals related to different areas of their business. These could be related to supply chain improvement, community investment, improving their green credentials or increasing energy efficiency.

However, many companies do not have a consolidated, easily accessible list of the major projects and initiatives currently underway.

The Project Tracker in BraveGen CSR is designed to bring together all these activities in to a single place. Projects and initiatives can be categorised and linked to a number of strategic objectives. Progress and performance can be tracked and documents, notes and contacts can be stored against each individual activity.

On this page:

A Quick Tour of The Project Tracker

1) Context sensitive help. 2) A summary of the performance of all your projects and initiatives. 3) An itemised list of your projects and initiatives by category showing the current performance status. Click on any project to view more information. 4) More information about a selected project. Details such as performance, the aim of the project and brief overview, its progress and contact details. 5) Specify keywords about each project to link with other related projects.

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