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Welcome to the BraveGen CSR Implementation Guide

This guide is for organisations who are implementing BraveGen CSR.

Setup is managed from the Implementation Dashboard in BraveGen CSR. There are 16 steps to perform, as outlined below. From the Implementation Dashboard each step is explained with brief guidance notes and reference to view and read videos, tutorials and other Help Centre pages as applicable.

Complete each step in the order presented and begin with a short system orientation video.

  1. Orientation - an overview of the features in BraveGen CSR
  2. Create the Organisation - complete and submit the Organisation Template to Rev-ID and you will then be able to login to BraveGen CSR
  3. Setup the Implementation Dashboard - use the Dashboard to work through and manage each step. It provides  guidance, deadlines, completion status and for some steps system generated information to indicate progress
  4. Setup users and their roles
  5. Configure your settings and preferences
  6. Set your Program Details – the start and end dates and other settings for calculating your carbon footprint
  7. Build your Organisation Structure – add the names and details of your locations, buildings and assets, suppliers and customers
  8. Add your emission factors - the names, values and effective dates of the emission factors you want to use in your inventory. These may already be in BraveGen CSR in which case you can pick them from the list. Otherwise you will need to add them
  9. Build your Inventory – the names and details of the resources/inventory items that you will track such as electricity, gas, fuel and water
  10. Apply Tracking Classifications & Review Settings – tracking classifications allow you to analyse and report on emissions and resource usage in ways that suit your own needs and if you are using the Data Review feature in BraveGen CSR this will be a necessary step
  11. Add Legacy Activity Data – the quantities of resources (called inventory items in BraveGen CSR) you have consumed
  12. Review your Reports and Approve your Data – you want to ensure the data in BraveGen CSR matches the data you have previously calculated. Each reporting period such as your financial year should be checked and approved.
  13. Document your Processes - details about particular processes to be actioned
  14. Setup Your Tasks - employees and suppliers will be emailed task related requests based on the schedules you set
  15. Setup data sources  - to receive and validate data files containing activity data. These may come from your finance department, suppliers or other sources
  16. Implemenation Signoff and System Deployment - signoff that system setup has been completed to your satisfaction. Formulate a user training program and system deployment strategy for the 1st cycle of 'Go Live'
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