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Setup - Create Your Organisation

This page of the Implementation Guide provides guidance on the initial system implementation step called 'Create Your Organisation'.

Creating your organisation in BraveGen CSR involves setting up the base year, target year and organisational boundary from information provided in the Rev-ID template called 'Client Implementation Template - Organisations' (an Excel spreadsheet).

Your implementation partner initiates this step by completing the tab called 'The Client' in the abovenamed template and then the client is required to supply the information requested in the tabs called 'GHG Inventory Details' and 'Organisations'. Your implementation partner will then load this information into BraveGen CSR.

At the completion of this step, the parties listed on the template tab called 'Organisations' which includes the Client Implementation Manager and BraveGen CSR Company Administrator will be able to login to BraveGen CSR.

Guidance is provided in the example below:

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