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Implementation Signoff and System Deployment

This page of the Implementation Guide addresses Implementaton Signoff and System Deployment

Implementation Signoff - to complete the implementation phase it is important to double check that all implementation steps have been completed to the satisfaction of the client implementation team. Then to conclude, the client and their implementation partner (if applicable) should signoff the Implementation Phase.

System Deployment - this step addresses user training and the deployment strategy.

It is recommended that a user training plan be formulated that addresses:

  • identification of user types e.g. data source owners, data owners, property and asset manager, corporate reviewers and approvers and the specific training that should be provided to meet their needs
  • training methods - should training be one-on-one, classroom-based or computer-based
  • training timetable

A system deployment strategy typically addresses a few matters:

  • System transition - will the old and new system run in parallel for a period of time or will there be an immediate cutover from old to new?
  • Monitoring 1st cycle processes and tasks - processes and tasks often run on a reoccuring cycle e.g. monthly data collection or 6 monthly reporting. It is useful if the deployment strategy reaches beyond 'go live' to focus on and monitor the 1st cycle of each process and their related tasks. That way any issues that arise can be addressed. Monitoring of processes and tasks is easily performed in BraveGen CSR via the Data Collection Dashboard.
  • Communication - this strategy should be communicated to users and endorsed by a senior sponsor if possible.

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