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The Data Template Manager

The Data Template Manager is used to manage the data files imported into BraveGen CSR from your suppliers and your employees. This feature enables you to quickly action bulk updates of activity data and details relating to locations, assets, inventory, emission factors and community investment in templates exported to Excel and that are then imported back into the system.

To tailor the content of a template for the type of activity data you wish to upload, you can firstly download a template by:

  • resource/inventory item name(s) e.g. all electricity resource/inventory items
  • data collection group e.g. the air travel data collection group which will download all air travel resource/inventory items associated with that group
  • resource/inventory item name(s) e.g. all electricity resources/inventory items at any location
  • location e.g. all resources/inventory items such as electricity, diesel and natural gas at the location called Christchurch Office
  • supplier e.g. all waste to landfill and recycled materials resources/inventory for the supplier called Cleaning Services NZ


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