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The Data Input Manager

The Data Input Manager provides a convenient tool for viewing and entering activity data across your organisation. By using the filter boxes, the grouping bar and the sorting features, the activity data list can be molded to fit your required data input needs.

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Overview of the Data Input Manager

1) The Group Bar - drag column headers to this bar to group the rows by that column. 2) Column headers - click on column headers to sort the column. Clicking again will reverse the sort order and again will remove the sorting. 3) Filter boxes - enter information in the filter box and click the button to the right to select how you want to filter the column based on the value you entered. 4) Edit button (Pencil icon) - click to edit the information on that row. An update and cancel button will appear to complete your action. 5) Column footers - column totals are automatically calculated for you and displayed in the column footers. 6) Footer - the footer contains the "Export to excel" button, the paging options to page through your results or increase the number of results on each page and a summary of the number of results returned.

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