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Emission Factor Groups

Emission Factor "Groups" are a very important concept in BraveGen CSR and can greatly reduce the time it takes to administer emission factors within your inventory.

An Emission Factor Group contains a collection of emission factors in chronological order associated with a particular publisher and resource in a particular geographic location. For example, the emission factor for electricity in New Zealand as published by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE). These are published on a calendar year basis.

In BraveGen CSR you can assign an Emission Factor Group to an inventory item. Then, as your inventory progresses through time, BraveGen CSR automatically chooses the correct emission factor within the emission factor group based on their effective from and to dates to calculate emissions.

Deleting Emission Factor Groups

Be aware that when you delete Emission Factor Groups you delete the emission factors contained within that group also.

You may have many inventory items that use that emission factor group which will have their group set to "Not Assigned". This will have the immediate effect of reducing their emissions to zero. You will then have to re-assign emission factor groups to all these inventory items.
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