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The Library is an important component of the BraveGen CSR information, process management and audit trail functionality.

Maintaining a system-based record of information relating to your GHG inventory provides paperless centralised information management, robust user support and the retention of knowledge. This information can be referenced in conjunction with the management of your regular data collection, analysis and reporting processes. 

In the BraveGen CSR Library, notes and documents on a range of topics such as data collection, property or activity data can be created and subsequently viewed. The Library also provides the functionality to record and operate processes for data collection, analysis and reporting commentary.

Audit trail functionality helps to ensure the credibility of your organisation's greenhouse gas inventory. In the BraveGen CSR Library, a history of all user and system generated activity is stored and can be easily viewed.

Users may add and view notes plus upload, view or download files containing documents, spreadsheets, images and videos on various system pages and tabs in conjunction with performing a system function e.g. if you are setting up a data collection process, detailed data source instructions can be uploaded as a document.

From the Library located on the system's main menu, users create and manage all regular processes and may use the centralised library portal to select and view notes previously created on any page or tab in the system.

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