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For Group Reviewers (The GR)

This tutorial addresses the review and approval functions to be performed by a Group Reviewer in relation to inventory item activity and emissions data for a given reporting period.

It will cover:

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About the GR Role

BraveGen CSR offers 5 levels of data collection review and approval roles and the GR role is one of two roles offered to accomodate the requirements for group level review and approval responsibilities such as when a parent company reviews and signs off on the periodic GHG inventories reported by companies it owns and controls.

The person(s) in the GR role typically has group level GHG responsibilities, they may work in the parent company Sustainability Team and be responsible for reviewing activity and emissions data for Group companies prior to Group Approver (GA) level 5 review and signoff. The GR role operates at the 4th review level and provides first level group review and approval for a group company's periodic GHG Inventory reporting. Depending upon individual company requirements, various other reviews and approvals will have been performed by people in other roles prior to GR review. Roles that precede the GR role as follows:

Data Overseer (DO) - this is the first level of data collection review and there may be a number of people performing the DO role for different data collection tasks that allign with their areas of responsibility e.g a property manager may oversee data collection tasks for energy use items like electricity. The DO is responsible for overseeing one or more data collection tasks which means overseeing task participants including Data Source Owners (DSO's) and Data Submitters (DS's) and their deliverables plus the review and signoff of activity data submitted for inventory items in each task.

Corporate Reviewer (CR) - this is the second level of data collection review and the person(s) in this role typically have corporate level GHG responsibilities, they may work in a Sustainability or Finance Team and be responsibile for reviewing activity and emissions data at the Data Collection Group level which groups related inventory item activity data collected from related data collection tasks.

Corporate Approver (CA) - this is the third level of data collection review and the person(s) in this role typically has high level corporate GHG responsibilities, they may lead or be a senior member of a Sustainability Team and thus have responsibliity for final corporate level review and approval of activity and emissions data for a given reporting period.

GR Review

GR Review

The GR's review of a GHG inventory for a given reporting period is the second to last review. Assuming all preceding review role responsibilities are clearly understood and addressed, the GA's review can be conducted at a very high level given the assurance derived from preceding 2 - 3 levels of review. 

The GR will be reliant upon quality commentary delivered by the CA, CR and DO that is pitched to the appropriate level to enable the GR to quickly grasp the major trends, any methodology changes and reduction initiatives relating to the data presented in each Data Collection Group.

To perform the GR review:

1. Login to BraveGen CSR
2. Data for Data Collection Groups, can be found by going to Manage > Data Manager > Data Review Manager on BraveGen CSR's Main Menu, as displayed below.

3. In the Data Review Manager, as displayed below, you can view a list of the Data Collection Groups that are ready for your review for a selected Review Period.

4. To review data for a Data Collection Group, click on the report period name and the Data Review Page for that particular group will appear. In the above example, Business Travel - Air has been selected for review.

5. On the Data Review Page, you will see, as displayed below, a series of data tables followed by the underlying data collection tasks and then finally under 'Notes' is the commentary left by preceding reviewers and under 'Documents' any relevant documents uploaded to the system. 

6. The data tables on the Data Review Page are as follows:

a) The Activity Data and Emissions tables, as displayed below, which contain a month by month summary of the data uploaded for the reporting period via data collection task(s).

b) Beneath the Activity Data and Emissions tables, you can view the Activity Data (Historic) table, as displayed below, which enables you to compare activity data across reporting periods.

c) Beaneath the Activity Data (Historic) table, the Emission Gases table is presented, as displayed below. This table enables you to analyse the breakdown of emission values by individual gases and the emission factors by gas are also displayed.

d) The final set of tables for detailed review are for Statistics and Emission Factors. Any relevant statistics can be presented here and the emission factors displayed are those applied to the activity data generated for the selected data collection group.

7. At the foot of the Data Review Page you can also review the very detailed information contained in Related Data Collection Tasks as well as the system and reviewer generated notes, documents and history for this data collection group, as displayed below.

To drill down into any Data Collection Task, click on the Task Name located in the grid, as displayed below. This will enable you see the parties involved in the task and to review data collection comments, the actual data uploaded, and an audit trail of notes, history and documents for the task.

GR Approval

GR Approval

When you have completed your review and are ready to approve the data contained in the Data Collection Group:

  • leave commentary in the box provided and approve the data by clicking on the 'Approve' box, as indicated by the green arrow below

Otherwise, if you just wish to leave a comment for other reviewers to address as an interim step toward approval then:

  • type your comment in the box provided and click on the 'Continue' button, as indicated by the red arrow below and an auto- e-mail notification with your comments will be sent to the CA.

When you have approved the data, the CA and GA are all notified automatically.

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