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The Data Manager

The Data Manager in BraveGen CSR contains a number of pages featuring various types of functionality related to the management of activity data.

The Data Collection Dashboard
The Data Collection Dashboard contains the tasks to be performed for the collection and review of activity data, statistics & data review commentary.

The Data Review Manager
The Data Review Manager is used by staff with review and signoff responsibilities to review and approve data collected for a given reporting period.

The Data Template Manager
The Data Template Manager is used to download a Microsoft Excel template containing data for a selected supplier, locations, assets and inventory, modify the data and then upload it back into BraveGen CSR. 

The Data Input Manager
The Data Input Manager allows a user to filter, sort and group facilities and their inventory items for the easy updating of activity data.

Data Copy Tools
BraveGen CSR has a number of Data Copy Tools for quickly copying a value to many inventory items or copying data from one inventory item to another and many to many. Plus this is where HVAC and refrigeration installation and operational data is automatically generated.

Large amounts of data can be involved to produce an organisation's carbon footprint. Convenient ways of getting data into BraveGen CSR are necessary. Checks and balances are also necessary to ensure all relevant data is present and correct. 

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