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Emission Factor Manager

In BraveGen CSR clients are provided with the functionality to easily manage the emission factors that they wish to use in their inventory. These may be publicly available or proprietory emission factors that have been created by a client or that a client has permission from a third party to use. No one else can see or use your emission factors in the system unless you are a member of a Group of companies in BraveGen CSR in which case you can choose to share them amongst your subsidiaries.

The Emission Factor Manager in BraveGen CSR provides a suite of tools for managing your emission factors. These tools include:

  • Add, update, sort, filter, group and export emission factors
  • Review and approve the use of emission factors in your inventory
  • Attach comments, notes, discussions and documents about each emission factor or emission factor group
  • Versioning - in the enterprise version of BraveGen CSR all changes to your emission factors are saved and the different versions can be reviewed and restored

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