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Bill Verification

The Bill Verification Manager in BraveGen CSR provides automatic verification of invoices and a paperless, web based approvals system. Thousands of supplier invoices can automatically be verified instantaneously as they arrive each month. Invoices can be entered into BraveGen CSR manually or BraveGen CSR can integrate directly with your suppliers' invoicing systems for fully automated importing of invoices each month. Invoices are instantly checked for a number of potential issues. These include:

  • Does the site / meter / ICP / account number exist in BraveGen CSR
  • Are the tariff rates correct
  • Are any tariffs not recognised
  • Is the usage within an acceptable range compared to the previous month and previous year
  • Is the invoice an estimate, and if so, how many consecutive estimates has this been

How BraveGen CSR handles each situation is discussed here. Managing your suppliers' contact details is handled in the Supply Chain Manager. Managing imported invoices is handled in the Invoice Manager and tariffs are managed in the Tariff Manager.

Electronic Approvals

BraveGen CSR provides a paperless, web based way for your site and facility managers to approve invoices. Invoices are presented on screen as a traditional easy to read line item and summary layout. Any errors or issues relating to historic information are highlighted.

Building a knowledgebase of your accounts

Approval managers can add comments to accounts or individual invoices. BraveGen CSR also adds comments automatically when issues are found or action is recommended. These comments build up a searchable knowledge base overtime of all your energy accounts and other resources.

Easy to access information

For each invoice in the approval screen a number of reports are available. these include all historic comments relating to its account, analysis of historic usage and cost and all historic invoices for the account. These are accessed by clicking on the options at the bottom of the invoice.

Levels of Approval Managers

Three levels of approval managers can be set on each account as well as a temporary approval manager for a set period of time. These are managed either in the Inventory Details Page or in the Inventory Manager.

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