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Your Inventory

Across the spectrum of your organisation and up and down your supply chain there will be a range of sources or activities that release greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere. Inventory is essentially a quantifiable list of these GHG emissions and sources [1]. Your inventory is the focal point for measuring and managing your carbon footprint.

In BraveGen CSR, inventory items relevant to the absolute carbon footprint of your organisation, projects, supply chain and products are recorded, measured and managed. In addition the following items are also considered to form part of your organisation's broader inventory:

  • Resources or inputs to your organisation, providing flexible resource management options
  • Finished goods or services that your organisation generates, providing the functionality to measure and manage relative carbon footprints, i.e. carbon intensities, if required.

On the Inventory page, a suite of menu options enable you to create, maintain, view and run reports on a broad collection of inventory items related to:

  • locations at all levels in your organisation
  • specific products
  • your projects and events
  • your value chain

On this page

A Quick Tour of the Inventory Page

1) Click to enter the search module where you may search for inventory items belonging to any organisation item. 2) The Inventory Module. 3) Click to edit your user profile. 4) The Inventory Item you have selected. 5) Other information you can store for an inventory item such as ICP, meter numbers and supplier account information. 6) A map of the location of this inventory item. 7) Settings for data submission and item classifications 8) View and edit this item's activity data. 9) The Inventory Page tabs.

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