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Your Organisation

Your organisation and its operations, projects and supply chain are all points of focus in measuring and managing your carbon footprint and resources. In BraveGen CSR, the Organisation Page takes centre stage as the location from where you manage your organisation's resource use and the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions considered synonymous with its carbon footprint.

On the Organisation Page, a suite of menu options enable you to create, maintain, view and report on your GHG inventory and resources at any level in your organisation. Simple through to very complex organisation structures can be replicated in BraveGen CSR. Plus, where GHG emissions along your supply chain are considered relevant to your business, these coupled with supplier, customer, project or event details are also managed from the Organisation Page.

BraveGen CSR has been built in line with ISO 14064 Part 1 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard (revised edition). The system therefore provides the functionality for your organisation to account for and report on GHG emissions in accordance with internationally recognised GHG standards.

On this page

A Quick Tour of the Organisation Page

1) The main menu appears on every page displaying the BraveGen CSR modules that your organisation uses.
2) Click to edit your user profile.
3) Click to logout.
4) The Organisation Module shows details of the location within your organisation that you currently have selected. This could be a subsidiary, facility, building, floor or asset.
5) Click to enter the Search Module where you can search for any location, inventory item note and other things.
6) The location you have selected.
7) Indicates where your selected location is within your organisation tree.
8) Organisation Page tabs provide further information about the selected location.
9) The Dashboard is the default tab and shows aggregated carbon footprint data for the selected location.
10)View previous versions of this location and who made the changes.

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